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Dr. Rolf Andersen, MD


Dr. Rolf Andersen was born in New York City and grew up in the suburbs of New York.  He still quietly roots for many New York sports teams despite settling in Central Pennsylvania.  His physician father never played an instrument but loved music and caroused with musicians in his youth, including the not-yet-famous Tony Bennett.  His love of music inspired Rolf to take up the trumpet in elementary school and continue playing throughout high school.  

Unfortunately, his time in college at Harvard and during his medical training at Columbia University/St. Luke's left no time for trumpet playing.  He settled in Lancaster and joined a busy cardiology practice in 1989.  He was pleased to pick up the trumpet after many years and join the Auscultation Brass.  The musicianship and camaraderie of the group have made playing both fun and challenging.  

In his spare time, he enjoys time with his two grown children and his young son, Liam.  He is grateful for his wife, Kim, and Liam putting up with his home practice sessions.  Contrary to popular belief, he is not the shorter brother of Dr. Tom Andersen (Auscultation Brass Tuba Player), however, he points out that he does spell his last name the "right way".